We are family owned and lovers of Nature, we pride ourselves on caring for the land as much as we do safe tree removal.

  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Tree Maintenance & Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Land & Property Management

Honest Pocono Tree Service. Thats right! We are honest.

I was really impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Ralph at Earth and Lumber. They were able to take down a large tree that was causing problems on my property. The tree climbers were amazing to watch, and they made the whole process go smoothly.

" Ralph and the team from Earth and Lumber were able to take down a giant oak tree that was hanging over my house, and they did it safely and efficiently. The tree climbers were highly skilled and made the whole process seem effortless."

Why Us?

Honest and reliable

We are a family owned tree company, honesty and reliability matter. We are always opened to working with home owners to assist in all tree care needs. 

Safety Matters

Our safety matters, we are climbers in addition to general Tree service and tree care. We take our safety very seriously. At the end of the day a lot is on the line. Safety always comes first. 

WE Are Sustainable

Our long-term goal is tree preservation. Proper maintenance of your trees will help to prevent emergencies and insure healthy growth.

We Are Insured Professionals

Earth and Lumber Tree Service is a full service tree company. We are fully Insured with skilled climbers and bucket truck contractors. 


Operating with excellence and professionalism



Earth and Lumber offers more than just a chainsaw. We bring expertise and an expert approach.